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Mohamed Youssef: They wronged me in the crisis of Moamen Zakaria with Al-Ahly

Mohamed Youssef, the former star of Al-Ahly and the Egyptian national team and the former technical director of Al-Ahly and Al-Ahly Bank, revealed that he was innocent of the crisis of excluding Moamen Zakaria from Al-Ahly during his term in office for the team in 2013, saying, “What reached the media was that I deliberately excluded Moamen Zakaria, but I was wrongfully wronged by us in this crisis. And my relationship with him is still distinguished. "


Youssef added in televised statements to a program that I approved and confessed with Schubert, on On Time Sports, today, "I took over the training of Al-Ahly at a difficult time and had a specific task. I think I performed it in a manner that befits my history and that of Al-Ahly, and there is no comparison between me and Sayed Abdel Hafeez. I am a trainer and he is a coach." a ball".


And the former Al-Ahly coach and star added, "It is said that I wronged Sayed Moawad and fell behind in his retirement, which is completely untrue. If I trained Al-Ahly in 100 matches, Sayed Moawad would be a key player in 99 of them, and he retired after my departure from Al-Ahly."


Youssef added, "There is no problem nor a crisis between me and Sayed Moawad. He is a very distinguished player in his position, but a disagreement occurred between us, as a result of which I decided to rest him some matches, and his reaction was strange to me, but I left and he continued his career after me."