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Lewandowski decorates the Polish national team squad for Euro 2020

The Portuguese coach Paulo Sousa, the Polish coach, announced the preliminary list for the Euro 2020 European Nations Cup, and the list saw 27 players, including 4 goalkeepers, be summoned, as the technical director demanded the exclusion of one of his guards to settle on the final list of 26.

Captain Robert Lewandowski is the best player in the world as the most famous name on the list, as are Olympic Marseille striker Arcadius Milik, Juventus goalkeeper Wojciech Chesney, and Southampton defender Jan Bidenaric.

Hertha Berlin striker Shishtof Biontek will be absent from Poland's list due to an ankle injury last week, while Susa has ruled out New England Revolution striker Adam Busca by a technical decision despite his brilliance with his team.

The list knew that Katsper Kozovsky was called the midfielder of Pogon Stechin, born in October 2003, and nicknamed Pogba, the Polish, whose name was associated with moving to Manchester United, and if Kozovsky participated in any minute of the tournament, he would become the youngest player to play in the Euro competitions in his history, smashing the record of Petro Willems, who He achieved it with the Netherlands in the 2012 version at the age of 18 years and 71 days.

The list saw a surprise exclusion from West Bromwich Albion's Camil Grossiki, and his presence on the waiting list, which includes 4 players.

Poland is in Group E, with Spain, Sweden and Slovakia.

The Poland list is as follows:

Goalkeepers: Lucas Fabianski, West Ham United, English, Wojciech Cesne, Juventus, Lucas Skurupski, Bologna, Italy, Radoslaw Maiky, Monaco, France.

Defense: Jan Bednarik Southampton of England - Camille Glick Benevento of Italy - Thomas Kidziora Dynamo Kiev of Ukraine - Bartos Berezinsky Sampdoria of Italy - Camil Piatkovsky Rakov Chistuchua - Pavel Davidovich Hellas Verona - Italian Timotyosh Bukhach Lech Poznan - Machi Repos Lokkhalotev Moscow of Poznan - Machi Repos Lokkhalotev Moscow

Middle: Shimisوافaw Frankovsky Chicago Fire of America - Karol Linetti Turin of Italy - Camil Yogeviak Derby County of England - Jacob Moder Brighton of England - Matyusch Klech Leeds United - Shimisaw Buakheta Norwich City of England - Katsper Kozovsky Pogon Stitchin - Piotr Zelensky Neapolitan Italian - Russian Moscow Lokjikov Krishutz .

The attack: Robert Lewandowski, Bayern Munich, Arcadiaus, Milik Olympique, Marseille, France, David Kovnaki, Fortuna, Dusseldorf, Germany, Karol Schwedersky, Pauk, Greece, Jakob Schwerchuk, Piast Gliwice.

The waiting list included: Rafau Augustinak Ural, Russia, Robert Jomny Augsburg, Germany, Camil Grossisky, West Bromwich Albion, England, Sebastian Simansky, Dynamo Moscow, Russia.