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How can coffee help you lose weight?

Research has revealed that enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning may help you lose weight in the long run, as well as boost your overall health, and if you really want your coffee to help you lose weight, the best way to drink it is either by drinking it plain or with a little milk. The report The reasons why coffee helps you lose weight, according to the "eat" website.

How coffee helps you lose weight?

1. Coffee reduces your appetite


According to a study published in the International Journal of Food Science and Nutrition, it has been shown that coffee - specifically the type containing caffeine - affects the control of an individual's appetite, and this study indicates that consuming coffee between half an hour and four hours before a meal can help suppress "energy intake." Steep, also known as a calorie intake.

The caffeine in coffee showed improvements in "stomach emptying, appetite hormones, and perceptions of appetite".

Another study published in the journal Obesity demonstrated how consuming a moderate amount of coffee during the day can "effectively reduce energy intake at the next meal and on the total day."

If you drink a cup of coffee before your healthy breakfast of the day, your appetite will likely decrease or you can even enjoy a cup of coffee late in the morning before lunch.

2- Coffee increases the rate of fat burning


Besides helping suppress appetite, coffee has also been shown to help increase metabolism and burn fat. In a study published in the Journal of Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, researchers concluded that caffeine intake "may boost weight, body mass index, and reduce fat." In the body."

However, this study indicated the effects of caffeine intake on weight loss, which means that you will have to take caffeinated coffee on the decaffeinated variety.

3- Coffee will add more fluids to your diet


Researchers were able to demonstrate that, in general, caffeinated beverages do not increase your risk of dehydration. Although caffeine has a "mild diuretic effect," it is still a liquid that can contribute to your daily water intake, according to the Mayo Clinic.

4 Coffee is full of antioxidants


Drinking coffee on a regular basis can greatly boost the health of your body thanks to the antioxidant content of coffee.Coffee contains powerful antioxidants called polyphenols, which are micronutrients found in plants that have been linked to aiding in brain health, digestion, and even reducing the risk of chronic diseases such as cancer and diseases. Cardiovascular and type 2 diabetes.

A 2011 study published in the journal Chemico-Biological Interactions was able to find a link between taking dietary polyphenols and losing weight due to how these antioxidants interact with the bacteria in your gut.