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Foods that are good for your heart health even though they contain cholesterol .. Eat them in moderation

Not all foods rich in cholesterol are harmful to health, as recent studies have found that some foods that contain a high percentage of cholesterol do not increase the risk of heart disease, but without excessive intake of these foods, in this report we learn about the foods that are beneficial to your heart health even though they contain Cholesterol, according to the Cleveland Clinic website.

Should you follow a low cholesterol diet?


"It's safe to have some cholesterol in your diet, but many foods high in cholesterol also contain high amounts of saturated fat," said Cleveland Clinic Dietitian Julia Zumbano.

Most people can eat "healthy" foods that are high in cholesterol in moderation - those high in cholesterol but low in saturated fat.

 But you should limit or avoid "unhealthy" foods that are high in cholesterol, which are also high in saturated fats.

Foods that are good for heart health, even though they contain cholesterol


These foods high in cholesterol can be part of a heart-healthy diet:

Eggs: One egg contains about 60% of the daily value of cholesterol, but it contains only 8% of the permissible amount of saturated fat. Eggs are rich in protein and low in calories and contain B vitamins, iron and disease-fighting nutrients. You can eat it but do not overeat it. .

Oysters: Some types of shellfish contain higher cholesterol than others. Shrimp are known to be high in cholesterol but do not contain saturated fats and are a good source of protein, B vitamins, selenium and zinc.

Zombano said: "Eggs and oysters have nutritional benefits that may outweigh the cholesterol content, but if you have high cholesterol, eat limited amounts of these foods. Stick to a weekly intake of four egg yolks or two servings of oysters."

And egg whites contain a lot of protein without any cholesterol, so enjoy the egg whites the way you like - just keep track of how many whole eggs or yolks you eat.