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Faraj Amer: We are preparing to buy Mustafa Fathy and Al-Ahly did not ask to take back Abdelkader

Engineer Faraj Amer, president of Smouha Club, confirmed that his club intends to address Zamalek to transfer Mustafa Fathi's loan to a final sale at the end of the current season, saying, "The stars succeed with Smouha because Al-Ahly and Zamalek are crowded with stars and there is no opportunity for the largest number of players to participate."

The president of Smouha added, in a phone call to the Ramadan program for the stars with the radio station Naglaa Helmy and the sports critic Muhammad Araqi, through the radio station of Youth and Sports, “I will not put Mustafa Fathi under pressure so as not to affect his decision, but I have a desire to continue with Smouha, and I deal with him with utmost elegance. At the end of the season, we will talk to him about his stay with us, and then we will talk with Zamalek ... Smouha, the star maker like Tariq Hamed, Muhammad Abu Jabal and Ahmed Fattouh. "

On the authority of Ahmed Abdel Qader, Smouha president said, "Al-Ahly did not request the return of Ahmed Abdel Qader, and the player is bound with us by a contract for two seasons, but Al-Ahly has the right to take it back after the first season."

Faraj Amer touched on the meeting of Zamalek and Samouha, stressing that his club refuses to show the referee Mohamed El Hanafi in his matches again after losing to Zamalek, and Faraj Amer said, “Zamalek is a large team that does not need anyone to help in order to win and have a large team and technical management at the highest level, and form with Al-Ahly The summit of Egyptian football. "

Smouha president added, "Yesterday, something extraordinary happened a penalty kick in the 6th minute for Smouha Club, and Qamar Al Dawla spoke to the referee and said it is clear and calculated and in a recorded message that, however, Muhammad Al Hanafi refused and overlooked a penalty kick against Tariq Hamed.

Smouha president added, "All analysts said Smouha deserves a penalty kick in front of Zamalek, there is no one in Egypt. Smouha has a penalty kick and I filed a complaint with El Gabaliya. I demand a rematch and the suspension of Mohamed El Hanafi from refereeing Smouha matches. I do not doubt his liability and his name is excellent in the world of arbitration, but I do not know." Why does he happen to us? "

Faraj Amer adds, "How can a team come down, know that it will win, whether it plays or not? We only want our right. Why do Laiba and Ahmed Sami feel frustrated even though they played and worked well?"

He continued: "Six or seven matches were tied with Smouha because of arbitration and he was more deserving to win. Against Pyramids, they canceled a goal and said the origin of the mouse technique is related to the goal line."

Smouha president added: "I will not be complacent in defending Smouha’s rights by legitimate means, and I am certain that Jabaliya will not heed Smouha’s complaint, and people must know the reason for delaying the ball in Egypt after these events."