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Fans grace the Old Trafford stadium for the first time since the closure

The stadium, "Old Trafford", the stronghold of Manchester United, witnessed a wonderful atmosphere moments before the start of the team's match against Fulham, which will be held at 7 pm today, Tuesday, in the 37th round of the English Premier League, after the return of 10,000 spectators from the stands again by a decision English government.

This is the first match since the closure of the Corona conditions, in which the fans return to the stadiums in the Premier League matches.

The formation of Manchester United came as follows: Goalkeeper: De Gea / Defense: One Bisaka, Lindelof, Tuanzibi, Luke Shaw / Midfield: Pogba, Maktominay, Bruno Fernandez, Fred / Attack: Greenwood, Cavani

Manchester United ranks first in the Premier League table, with a score of 70 points, while Fulham is ranked 18th with 27 points, and officially relegated to the First Division "Championship".

The Manchester United team seeks to reconcile its fans, after spoiling the joy of qualifying for the 2021 European League final, with two consecutive losses against Leicester City and Liverpool, respectively, in the English Premier League competitions, which froze its score at the point 70 and lost 6 points.

Man United, led by Norwegian Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, is looking forward to ending the current season of the English Premier League, in the runner-up, especially since Leicester City comes in third place with 66 points, and each has two games.

In the event that Manchester United falter against Fulham or Wolverhampton, the two remaining matches for him in the English Premier League, he may lose the title of the Premier League table.

Manchester United will play, the last two matches in the English Premier League, as a final rehearsal before the 2021 UEFA Europa League final, against Villarreal, Spain, on May 26.