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Emergency teams follow up the progress of work in public facilities in the cities of New Cairo and El Shorouk

Engineer Amin Ghoneim, head of the New Cairo City Authority, confirmed that an emergency working group was formed headed by the vice president of the agency, and a plan was developed to follow up the progress of work, during the blessed Eid al-Fitr holiday, directing to activate an operations room to follow up the regularity of workflow in the city's public facilities and prepare for immediate intervention In emergency cases.


The head of the agency also directed the relevant departments to continue their efforts to sterilize and disinfect the various neighborhoods and to use the festive period to raise the efficiency of (lighting - hygiene - spraying insecticides).


The head of the New Cairo City Authority stressed that district chiefs must pass periodically, each within the scope of his work, to ensure that citizens adhere to state decisions to limit the spread of the new Corona virus.


The head of the agency explained that there is a rapid intervention committee headed by the General Supervisor of the Security Department, to deal with building violations or any other type of violations, and there is also the hotline 15100 to receive all complaints and reports of water 24 hours.


The head of the agency indicated that water and drainage officials were instructed to pass with the contractors in charge of maintenance work in the city, on all main axes and inside residential areas and neighborhoods, and to ensure the safety and coverage of all valve and match rooms, indicating that the contractor will be held financially and criminally responsible. In the event that any accident or problem occurs due to a lock-up room or an application, and this is circulated to the telephone rooms as well, with the necessity for the assembly representatives to send periodic letters to the contractors and Telecom Egypt to do so.


In a related context, Eng. Abdul Latif Bishara, Head of the El Shorouk City Development Authority, assigned an integrated work group to face any emergency during the Eid al-Fitr holiday period and work to follow up on the regularity of the city's public facilities.


The head of the agency stressed that the hotline emergency room is prepared to receive citizens' complaints through the short code 15100.


Engineer Abdullatif Bishara explained that the emergency team consists of representatives of the departments of (Agriculture - Operation and Maintenance - Movement - Maintenance of Lighting - Development - Security), with the aim of ensuring the proper functioning of the work assigned to these important systems, most notably the care of green spaces and the drinking water and sewage facility. Health, emergency equipment and public lighting, as well as facing violations and occupations, in addition to the speed of interaction and response to complaints received and working to comfort the residents of the city of El-Shorouk.