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El-Shenawy: Al-Ahly is always ready, and our only goal is to qualify against Sun Downs

Mohamed El-Shenawy, captain of the first football team at Al-Ahly club, said that he is happy to be in South Africa, and that he hopes to qualify for the semi-finals of Pretoria, as happened last season and reach the semi-finals.

Al-Shenawi said during the press conference held today before the training session: The big players have a great responsibility in such confrontations, and this is not the first match that we participate in against the Sun Downs. We played before them three games ago. good.

Al-Shennawi talked about Musimani and his relationship with the players and said: Before Musimani assumed the task of leading Al-Ahly, we used to work a thousand accounts for the Sun Downs team, and we are happy to work with him as he is a very understanding person and is good at dealing with all players, and he discusses with us a lot, and there is a relationship of mutual respect between him and us all.

Al-Ahly captain stressed that there is a big difference in Al-Ahly's confrontations with Sun Downs, as a result of the many changes that constantly occur in the ranks of the competitor, and that Al-Ahly is always ready and that all players have one goal: to win and qualify for the semi-finals, reaching the crowning of the title and adding the tenth star.

The senior Al-Ahly team intensified their sessions with the team's players in the Red Genie camp in South Africa to motivate them to cross the Sun Downs battle scheduled for the third in the afternoon, Saturday, in the second leg of the 2021 African Champions League final, and the Red Genie won with great difficulty in the first leg with two clean goals, to set foot In the semi-finals.

Mohamed El-Shennawy, Walid Suleiman, Ayman Ashraf and Saad Samir were keen to speak with their colleagues on the importance of overcoming the obstacle of the South African champion, as each of them spoke of the Al-Ahly character that everyone is accustomed to and presenting the good image that befits the name and history of the Al-Ahly club.