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Dwindling Amr Gamal's chances of returning to Al-Ahly next season

Amr Gamal, the Al-Ahly striker and Al-Ma'ar striker, has diminished the chances of Al-Jaish to return to the ranks of the red team next season, despite the player's brilliance with his team in the current season, in light of the change of accounts regarding the position of the continuous attackers and those leaving Al-Ahly ranks next summer, especially with the presence of more than one player He resides in this center this season.

According to a source in Al-Ahly, there are many reasons that reduced the chances of Amr Gamal's return, most notably the presence of a glut in this center, such as Mohamed Sharif, Marwan Mohsen, Salah Mohsen and Walter Bwalia, in addition to the variation in his level between good and average over the course of the current season, where he did not provide a stable level.

It is decided that the technical apparatus of Al-Ahly will decide the fate of the current attackers from staying or leaving before determining who returns to Al-Ahly, and who is renewed loaned or marketed, as the technical staff of Al-Ahly will decide the fate of Amr Gamal, whether by renewing his loan again or marketing by the end of the current season, to sell it permanently to the desired clubs To get his services.

Al-Ahly has more than one attacker on loan to other clubs, such as Ahmed Yasser Rayan on loan to Ceramica, Amr Gamal al-Maar to the Vanguard of the Army, and Aliu Badji on loan to Ankara, Juju, Turkey, in addition to the young players.