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Criticism of Prince Harry for describing the First Amendment of the US Constitution as insane

Prince Harry, the grandson of the Queen of Britain, has been criticized by some in the United States, after describing the First Amendment to the US Constitution as insane, during a podcast interview last week.

 During his interview with actor Dax Shepherd who presents Bookast as "the chair expert," Prince Harry said that the First Amendment that basically protects freedom of expression in the United States was insane, but he admitted that he did not understand it because it had been in the United States for a short time.

 Speaking of the misinformation, Harry said, "I have a lot to say about the First Amendment as I understand it somewhat, but it's crazy. I don't want to start walking down the path of the First Amendment, because it's a big topic and I don't understand it because I've been here for a short while."

The First Amendment protects freedom of speech, press, assembly, and the right to petition the government in the United States.

But Harry's comments sparked some angry reactions among the American and British conservatives. Nigel Farrag, the leader of Britain's "ex-Brexit" reform party, accused Harry of being crazy in criticizing the First Amendment, adding that it would not be desired by Britain or America on either side. Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham said, "Don't let the knob hit you, Windsor." "It's nice that he can say that," Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz quipped.

In his 90-minute podcast with American actor Dax Shepherd, Prince Harry, who is awaiting his second son, likened life in the royal family to a combination of being in the famous Truman Show and being in a park.