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All you need to know about the negative effects of talcum powder on the body

Talcum powder is the softest mineral found on earth, and its use includes skin and cosmetics, it helps fight friction and keeps skin dry, and it is a product that has long been used in many of the daily uses of the skin, however, it has always been accused of causing cancer.


What are the negative effects of talcum powder on the skin?


People use talcum powder during the summer to avoid sweating and keep the skin dry, but the starch in talcum powder causes lumps or lumps to form around the groin and damp areas as this area is clogged and can attract infection. Second, the ingredients in the powder can lead to Talc can lead to skin irritation, dermatitis or eczema, moreover, talcum powder can clog pores, which weakens sweating and leads to rashes, by raising the body temperature, and the presence of ingredients such as asbestos in some powders can increase the risk of cancer. Lung.


What are the reasons for using talcum powder permanently in summer?


Talc is used in our daily life to prevent irritation due to summer heat, prevent rashes caused by friction, and relieve friction on the skin, with a lot of benefit and comfort, talc is often the preferred choice for all of us, its use by men and women alike makes it a product More suitable for skin care.


What is the actual link between talc and cancer?


Talc is made of minerals, magnesium, silicon, and oxygen, but in its natural state, it contains asbestos, which is responsible for causing cancer when inhaled.


Is it safe to use talcum powder?


According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) about the various claims about the safety of talc, studies indicate a possible association between the use of talc in the genital area and ovarian cancer.However, these studies do not provide precise links to the risks involved. The FDA also states that it can Talc and asbestos found in close proximity to the ground during mining, which could lead to asbestos contamination of talc and thus exacerbate the problem.