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A British nurse takes on the task of vaccinating an entire isolated island

Shetland is a group of the British Isles, about 100 miles north of Scottish territory, and is famous for being a beautiful isolated place where the landscape appears as raw and strong, and in the Shetland Islands the weather controls everything, including the efforts of the United Kingdom government to spread Corona virus vaccines to the population Counted on the fingers of the hand in the isolated island.

Ultimately, an operation was launched to protect one of the UK's most isolated communities from the only hospital in the area, as the government sent the doses to the airport, accompanied by a nurse named Margaret Cooper, whose job was to distribute the vaccine in an unusual location on the island of Fair Isle.

Fair Isle Island is a small plot of land surrounded by open ocean, steep slopes and steep fields, and only 45 people live in it. They went to a small building used as a medical office to get vaccinations, and this is where Nurse Margaret works and helps the population receive the vaccine.

Shetland National Health Service nurse Margaret Cooper told CNN that vaccination is the proudest chapter in her 50-year nursing career, and it is an honor to be able to be a part of the vaccination program and to feel she is making a critical contribution to an unprecedented process that saves Spirits and freedoms are restored everywhere in the UK.

David Barnaby, a resident of Fair Isle, said: "We got our second dose of the vaccine and since then the situation is very good, unlike the rest of the United Kingdom. Everyone here is vaccinated at the same time regardless of age and I am very happy because I received the second dose and I feel very privileged." ".