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5 fruits that help in losing weight .. Eat apples, apricots and grapefruit

Fruit is an important part of a healthy diet, because it provides you with the essential nutrients that the body needs, and it is rich in antioxidants, as well as there are some types of fruits that can promote weight loss, especially those low in calories and rich in fiber, and you can benefit from eating fruits to help Lose weight and enjoy it at any time, be it during breakfast, lunch or dinner, according to "Healthline".


Here are 5 fruits that you can include in your diet to achieve your weight loss goals:


Although not all fruits aid in weight loss, there are 5 types that can help achieve this:


1- Apple


Apples are rich in fiber and iron and are very good for losing weight. Apples help increase metabolism and reduce belly fat.

2- Grapefruit


Grapefruit is low in sugar and has many different health benefits, including weight loss. Eating grapefruit before meals can help in losing belly fat and lowering cholesterol levels.

3- Bananas


Many people think that eating bananas can cause them to gain weight, but this is not true, as bananas contain resistant starch, which helps burn fat and control appetite, and bananas help build muscle.


4- Apricots


Apricots are one of the fruits that help in losing weight, as they are a rich source of insoluble fiber, which absorbs a large amount of water, which helps you feel full and satiated for a longer period after eating, and many studies have proven its effectiveness in the process of losing weight.


5- berries


Berries are rich in many nutrients and are low in calories, as berries help lower cholesterol, reduce blood pressure and reduce inflammation, and are very beneficial for people who suffer from overweight.