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1.56 billion pounds, government investments to establish and develop 23 hospitals with a decent life

The health system is witnessing a huge and unprecedented boom, as many projects have been established, developed, replaced and renewed that contribute to raising the efficiency of medical services provided to citizens.


The Ministry of Planning and Economic Development said that the investments directed to the projects of the Ministry of Health witnessed a growth of 47.5 billion pounds, an increase of 205% compared to 20/2021, including projects of a decent life.

The planning indicated, in a report, that it is intended to complete the construction and development of 23 hospitals, at a cost of 1.56 billion pounds, where the percentage of construction implementation reaches 77%, as it witnesses rapid implementation rates, due to the speed of its entry into service, and the start of citizens' benefit from it.



The report revealed that the funds for the National Project for Self-sufficiency in plasma derivatives amount to 650 million pounds, and are targeting the establishment of 20 plasma collection centers and a central strategic store.