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What is the current status of clinical trials of herbal immunomodulators against corona virus?

The use of medicinal plants increased during the Corona pandemic as a personal behavior in some societies in what is known as traditional medicine. Many misinterpretations of the use of medicinal plants to treat or prevent Corona have spread in many countries.

In this context, it was necessary to conduct research to document the medicinal plants used, the priority of their use in the community, the state of their cultivation, and the source of information that people follow for their use. This study, according to the report of the site "biomedcentral", aimed to document the current situation of the use of medicinal plants.

This study used a web-based survey to collect primary data on medicinal plants used during Corona, and 774 people participated in the survey.

The study found that the use of medicinal plants increased during the Coronavirus pandemic, and most of the respondents recommended medicinal plants to prevent the virus, and this study recorded a total of 60 plants belonging to 36 families, and the plant leaves were the most used was ginger. The source of the plant information was closely related to education and sex. Treatment method, profession, living with family, and home location during the lockdown caused by the Coronavirus.

The new Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic caused global social and economic unrest with an alarming number of deaths and health problems, and the world was struggling to find a drug to treat and prevent it, and a number of combinations and experiments were conducted, but so far they have not yielded promising results.

Various types of misinformation related to the Coronavirus have spread around the world through social media, including the use of medicinal plant products to prevent or treat Corona virus.

Various researchers have suggested herbal medicine as a potential option to treat or prevent coronavirus, and countries such as China and India are working to combine its use with Western medicine to boost the immune power of patients.

In China, traditional medicine has shown encouraging results in improving symptom management and reducing rates of deterioration and mortality. On the other hand, the World Health Organization (WHO) claims that medicinal plants may be beneficial for health and support the immune system, but not in preventing or treating the Coronavirus.

Lifestyle, diet, age, gender, medical conditions and environmental factors play an important role in the personal fate of the coronavirus.