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The World Bank identifies the most prominent challenges facing women ... Know them x 9 information

The World Bank stated in a new report that countries around the world seek to achieve greater gender equality, but women around the world still face laws and regulations that restrict economic opportunities that can arise for them, as the Coronavirus pandemic creates challenges that threaten their health, safety, and economic security. .


The Women, Business and Law 2021 report shows that the implementation of reforms aimed at removing obstacles to women's economic inclusion has been slow in many regions and uneven within each of them.


Learn about these challenges


1- Women enjoy only three quarters of the legal rights granted to men, on average.


2- This pandemic has exacerbated existing inequalities that harm girls and women, including barriers to school enrollment and job retention.


3- Women also face an increase in domestic violence incidents and risks to their health and safety.


4- The pandemic has also contributed to the increase in the severity and frequency of gender-based violence.


5- Initial research shows that since early 2020, governments have taken about 120 new measures including setting hotlines, providing psychological assistance, and providing shelters to protect women from violence.


6- It is important to create a legal environment that promotes the economic inclusion of women, so that they can make the best choices for themselves and their families.


7 - There is a need to introduce reforms to address the restrictions that women face, related to the type of jobs and tasks assigned to them, their working hours, and limiting their work to lower-paying jobs.


8. In 100 economies, laws do not require men and women to be paid the same for jobs of equal value.


9- Laws and regulations reform can have an effective role in stimulating the improvement of living standards for women, their families and their society.