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The US ambassador in Baghdad: The attacks against the US embassy are targeting Iraq and exceeding its sovereignty

The US ambassador to Iraq, Matthew Tueller, confirmed today, Tuesday, that the recent attacks against the US embassy and bases are targeting Iraq and a violation of its sovereignty.


In exclusive statements to the Al-Arabiya news channel, Tueller said, "The presence of American forces in Iraq was at the request of the Iraqi government to fight the terrorist organization ISIS," noting that the attacks against the US embassy and bases are targeting Iraq and exceeding its sovereignty.


"The groups that attack us do not hide their political affiliation with Iran," he added, stressing that "the weapons used in the attacks against the Iraqi bases and the international coalition are Iranian."


The American ambassador pointed out that the militias in Iraq are not Iraqi, but from the extremist terrorist Revolutionary Guard, which are working to undermine the authority of the Iraqi state and democracy.


He stressed that the United States does not seek to sever relations between Iraq and Iran, but the sovereignty of both sides must be respected, expressing his country’s welcome to the opening of Iraq with its Arab neighborhood, which would bring it back to its international stature.


The American ambassador noted that there is no intention to increase the number of American forces in Baghdad, pointing out that the strategic dialogue will determine the work of the American presence through the international coalition.


He explained that the international coalition will withdraw after the readiness of the Iraqi forces, stressing that the US embassy in Iraq will not be closed, stressing its support for the national dialogue called for by the Prime Minister and the Iraqi Republic and holding the elections on the specified date, expressing concern about security breaches during the elections.


Toller emphasized that the US forces do not carry out any combat operations in Iraq, and their work depends on the air and intelligence support of the Iraqi forces.


The US ambassador to Baghdad said that describing the American forces as the occupying power is "ridiculous."