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The Stock Exchange: The balance of GDRs for "Nasr City" and "CIB" increases, and "Ezz" retreats

The Egyptian Stock Exchange's weekly report revealed the stocks of the companies from the GDRs until the end of this week. The balance of the certificates of deposit of the two companies, Nasr City for Housing and Development rose to 464.753 million certificates, and the Commercial International Bank to 148.843 million shares, while the balance of the certificates of deposit of the two Naeem Holding Company for Financial Investments decreased to 97.994 million shares, and Ezz Steel to 72.639 million shares.


The balance of corporate certificates of deposit has stabilized; Alexandria Mineral Oils - AMOC at 343.886 million shares, Amer Group at 226.341 million shares, EFG Hermes Holding at 186.010 million shares, GB Auto at 179.454 million shares, Telecom Egypt 169.642 million shares, Edita Food Industries 123.119 million shares, and the balance of certificates Arab food industries companies - Domty deposit 61.243 million shares, Paints and Chemical Industries - Pachin 3.523 million shares, Lecico Egypt 1.974 million shares.


The Egyptian Stock Exchange ended the trading session today, Wednesday, the last session of this month, with a collective decline of the indices, under the pressure of sales of foreign dealers, amid weak trading volumes, and the market capital lost 4.3 billion pounds, to close at 650.713 billion pounds.


The volume of shares traded reached 321.9 million securities worth 794.6 million pounds, through the implementation of 32.2 thousand transactions for 181 companies, and Egyptian transactions recorded 82.85% of the total transactions, while foreigners accounted for 11.97%, and Arabs 5.18% during today's trading session, and acquired Institutions account for 23.93% of the transactions on the stock exchange, and the rest of the transactions were for individuals, at a rate of 76.06%.


The net transactions of Egyptian individuals and foreign institutions tended to be sold at a value of EGP 26.6 million and EGP 40.1 million, respectively, while the net transactions of Arab and foreign individuals and Egyptian, Arab and foreign institutions tended to buy at a value of EGP 30.2 million, EGP 830.5 thousand, EGP 33.8 million, and EGP 1.8 million. Straight.


The EGX30 index declined by 1.1%, to close at 10475 points, the EGX 50 index fell by 1.12% to close at 2043 points, and the EGX30 index of weights decreased by 0.78% to close at 12704 points. And the EGX 30 overall return index fell by 1.59% to close at 4036 points.


The index of small and medium-sized companies "EGX 70 is equal weights" decreased by 1.01% to close at 2058 points, and the index of "EGX 100 is equal weights" fell by 0.98% to close at 2974 points, while the Nile Stock Exchange index increased by 0.95% to close. At the level of 1269 points.


Shares of 37 companies listed on the stock exchange rose at the end of trading, shares of 111 companies declined, and the levels of 33 companies did not change.