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The Ministry of Sports prepares the file to host the World Five-Up Championship next June

The Ministry of Sports is preparing the file on the arrangements and details for Egypt's hosting of the World Championship of the Modern Five, to be hosted by Egypt next June, and Dr. Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Youth and Sports, held a session today with Eng. Sherif El-Erian, President of the Egyptian Federation of Modern Five, and a number of the ministry's leaders, and members of the organizing committee of the tournament, in Within the framework of its follow-up of preparations related to Egypt hosting various international sports tournaments.

The meeting reviewed the developments related to hosting the players participating in the tournament from various countries of the world, all the logistical and administrative equipment, the financial regulation and the arrangements for the opening ceremony, as part of the organizing committee plan set to host the tournament, which is one of the largest tournaments of the International Federation of the game, in addition to identifying the preparations of the national team players. Al-Masry for the championship competitions.


The meeting touched on the precautionary measures that will be applied to the players participating in the tournament and the delegations accompanying them, in coordination with the Egyptian Ministry of Health to prevent the emerging corona virus.


In this regard, Eng. Sherif El-Erian explained that the International Federation of Modern Five is waiting for the benefit from Egypt regarding the protocol that will be applied in the tournament to confront the Corona virus in order to preserve the health of the participants, pointing out that a file will be prepared containing all the arrangements and equipment that will be implemented provided that it is presented in a meeting Last week, in preparation for taking the executive steps.


For his part, the Minister of Youth and Sports clarified the follow-up of all the details of hosting the World Five-Up Championship in coordination with the Egyptian Federation for the Game, and making sure of all equipment regarding the availability of tools related to competitions, places for training, and halls hosting the tournament in the Cairo International Stadium Authority, as well as matters related to reception ceremonies. Players, and their accommodations in the hotels assigned to them.


The Minister of Sports expressed his confidence in the success of hosting the tournament, as a continuation of the series of successes achieved by the Egyptian state in hosting and implementing events and major sporting tournaments, thanks to the organizational capabilities and expertise that Egypt possesses.