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The Iraqi Prime Minister inaugurates the "Grand Faw" port project in Basra

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi inaugurated the Grand Port of Faw project, stressing at the same time that it would provide great opportunities for Iraq and enhance its geopolitical position in the region and the world.


"It is an important strategic project that the people of the country have been waiting for for many years," and that it will create many job opportunities for the people of Basra and the rest of the provinces, and it will contribute to the development of the province .


He added that many had gambled on the failure of the project and spread many rumors to frustrate the people, but the project is officially launched today after the planning and negotiations stages were completed, and we financed the project from this year's budget. All governorates of Iraq, and makes the country an economic bridge linking the various countries of the region.


Al-Kazemi stressed that Iraq is facing a new phase of modern history, in which it transcends crises, and moves towards construction, reconstruction and prosperity, stressing that the country will rise again with the arms of its young men and women, and we will also continue supervision and follow-up on the project to be completed successfully and without delay.