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France's Interior Minister: Muslims in our country are victims of terrorism and we have thwarted 36 attacks since 2017

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said that since the beginning of President Macron's mandate in 2017, the security services have managed to thwart 36 terrorist attacks in the country. The French Interior Minister stated that Muslims in his country are also victims of terrorism and must be protected.

This comes in what the French government unveiled on Wednesday a new draft anti-terrorism law, which aims to better prevent attacks, especially through greater monitoring of extremist sites.

The bill, which had been in preparation for months, was presented at a cabinet meeting just days after the killing of a French police official inside a police station, while the authorities classified it as a terrorist attack.

"The text will strengthen the authority of the French intelligence services to monitor activities on the Internet," Interior Minister Gerald Darmanan told a news conference.

He added that the extremists "use fewer phone lines while using more and more Internet connections."

One proposed measure would expand French intelligence services' use of algorithms to track extremists over the Internet, a method that has been tried since 2015 to monitor messaging applications.