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Chairman of the Solidarity of Representatives: Overpopulation is more dangerous for the Egyptian people than terrorism

Dr. Abdel-Hadi Al-Qasabi, head of the Committee for Social Solidarity, Family and Persons with Disabilities in the House of Representatives, emphasized that confronting the population increase is no less important than facing terrorist risks, explaining that its danger is based on devouring the rates of completion, and statistics indicate that Egypt receives every minute 4 births And 240 births per hour, so the daily increase represents 5760 births, while annually it reaches more than 2 million 73 thousand new citizens, equivalent to the increase in the number of 3 Arab countries combined.

The head of the Social Solidarity Committee in the House of Representatives stressed that facing the population increase is more dangerous to the people of Egypt than terrorism, which poses problems that threaten development processes and development plans in all sectors of the state, stressing that there is no divine religion that calls for its destruction, and both the Church, Al-Azhar and Dar Al-Ifta She called for family planning so that we can bring out a capable and conscious citizen, who elevates his homeland.

He pointed out that family planning is the responsibility of all ministries and it is a national issue that must be adopted by all responsible authorities in the state in order to coordinate between them to increase awareness of it and to include educational curricula to realize the danger of not being followed by the state and its joints.

He pointed out that Egypt's share of the Nile River water is still the same, which was distributed to 20 million citizens and is today distributed to 101 million, explaining that the citizen's share of the food basket will decline, and the educational and cultural level will decrease his opportunities, as the population increases, and the lesson is not only an increase. Rather, the impact of this on the decline of demographic characteristics, saying: "The increasing demands for family planning are nothing but an alarm bell for the problem of the hour. We also warn us against the continued lack of interest in this, and all efforts must be devoted to confronting this."

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