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Can migraine attacks cause visual hallucinations?

Migraines are the third most common medical condition in the world. Migraine attacks include throbbing pain that is sometimes accompanied by symptoms such as trouble speaking, numbness or tingling, weakness, vision changes. Some people also report different types of auras. However, hallucinations differ from auras. It is extremely rare in people with migraines, according to a report for the Healthline website.

Can migraines cause visual hallucinations?


Some people who suffer from migraines have sensory disturbances, but they likely don't have hallucinations. Hallucinations are sensory experiences that can seem real but are actually the creation of your mind. Visual auras are relatively common and can include various sensory disturbances such as visual patterns or lights. . Knowing what might happen with a migraine can help you understand what is happening.

Visual auras are the most common types of auras.Symptoms of visual auras can include:

Ragged flashes of light or bright spots, zigzag lines or geometric shapes in your vision, some vision loss or blind spots, while simple visual auras usually appear with migraines, complex visual hallucinations, such as those affecting people or animals, are complete Genesis, it can occur with a basal migraine or familial hemiplegic migraine.

Complex visual hallucinations with a paralytic migraine usually appear late in the migraine attack and can last for hours or days.

In migraine, visual hallucinations occur due to stimulation of the visual cortex in the brain or due to damage to the connections between nerve cells. This can occur in migraine in the form of an aura.

Can migraines cause auditory hallucinations?

Auditory hallucinations: Associated with migraines is uncommon and the International Headache Association did not recognize it as a symptom of an aura, in a study that looked at auditory hallucinations and migraines, the most common symptom was hearing voices that lasted about an hour and were usually occurring during the headache phase.

Can migraines cause olfactory hallucinations?


Smell sensitivity is common in people with migraines, during a migraine attack, olfactory hallucinations can also occur, this is very rare, and during these hallucinations a person smells certain things that they do not smell around him as smells are associated with headaches Smells usually appear before the migraine attack or During it, olfactory hallucinations occur with migraines in about 0.1% of adults with migraines.