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Britain is requesting 60 million new doses of the Corona vaccine, in preparation for a vaccination campaign in the fall

British Health Minister Matt Hancock announced today, Thursday, that his country has requested the import of 60 million new doses of the US "Pfizer" vaccine, in preparation for the campaign to give the third dose of the vaccine against the emerging corona virus (Covid-19) to citizens in the coming fall.


Hancock said - as reported by the British English-language "Sky News" - that buying new doses of the vaccine would make citizens "safe and move freely."


And a report by the British newspaper "Daily Mail" revealed that three cases of the Indian Corona variant were detected inside a school in the English city of Leicester, which sparked an exaggerated campaign of tests to discover any possible cases. Once in the UK, but experts say there will likely be hundreds more.


The Director of Public Health in Leicester, Professor Evan Brown, said that all cases infected with the Indian strain were isolated and traced to contacts, and the school was not named and it is not known whether the cases of the B.1.617 variant were among students or employees.

City council chiefs said the people traveled before India was added to the British Red List, but they did not specify whether they went to India itself.