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Beijing calls on Canberra to consider issues of Chinese development rationally

China expressed the hope that the Australian side would handle the issues of China and Chinese development rationally, and do more to help enhance mutual trust and pragmatic cooperation, and go further than what it called "the wrong way."

This came in a statement by Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin, today, Tuesday, commenting on the statement made by Australian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Francis Adamson in a speech during the graduation ceremony of the University of Adelaide that "Australian-Chinese relations are currently going through some difficulties, and that her country hopes to build Constructive relations with China, while China hopes that Australia will make concessions on issues related to important national interests. "

Wang Wenbin said, "China has always believed that peaceful and stable relations between China and Australia conform to the fundamental interests of the peoples of the two countries, and that the serious difficulties currently facing Sino-Australian relations are rooted in blatant Australian interference in China's internal affairs, harming China's interests and discriminatory business practices against it." The responsibility is not on the Chinese side at all. "

On developments in building the "Belt and Road" initiative, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said, "The initiative has become a public product that is very popular at the global level, and has provided the largest cooperation platform at the global level, and created a way for everyone to move forward together."

He added, "In the first quarter of this year, investment cooperation between China and countries along the" Belt and Road "witnessed a steady growth, as the value of newly contracted projects and completed revenues between the two sides increased by 19.4% and 12.4%, respectively, on an annual basis. A total of 3,398 freight trains between China and Europe carried 322,000 TEUs, an increase of more than 75% year-on-year.

And he considered that these achievements fully demonstrated the strong driving force for the joint construction of the "Belt and Road", especially in light of the world facing the enormous challenges resulting from the spread of the new Corona virus epidemic and the economic recession.