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Bahrain obliges travelers from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh to test for "Corona" 48 hours before

The Bahraini medical team to deal with the "Corona" virus announced the update of some travel procedures through Bahrain International Airport, for travelers coming from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, as this decision will be effective starting next Tuesday.


The update includes - according to the Bahrain News Agency - the necessity for all travelers coming to the Kingdom of Bahrain - including (transit) travelers - to present a certificate proving the result of the laboratory examination for the "Corona" virus, containing the QR code, 48 hours before the time of departure from the aforementioned countries, In addition to continuing to conduct a laboratory examination upon arrival, a second laboratory examination for arrivals, who will stay in Bahrain for a period of more than 5 days, and a third laboratory examination ten days after the date of arrival for arrivals who will reside in Bahrain for a period of more than 10 days.


The medical team to deal with the "Corona" virus stressed the need to continue all the precautionary measures previously announced, such as activating the application of a "conscious society" for all arrivals through Bahrain International Airport with the signing of a pledge to acknowledge their commitment to the instructions issued by the Ministry of Health, to self-isolate until they obtain the result of the laboratory examination at Access, noting that he will continue, according to periodic data and results, to review all relevant decisions in a way that preserves the health and safety of everyone.