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Ali Abu Greisha: The talk about Al-Muhammadi's signature to Al-Ahly is a rumor whose aim is to "shake" the Ismaili

Ali Abu Greisha, head of the Ismaili club's technical committee, confirmed that the rumors of Baher al-Muhammadi's signature to the Al-Ahly club would shake the stability of the dervishes. Baher Al-Muhammadi's signature to Al-Ahly is not correct, and in difficult circumstances, there is talk of an important player moving to Al-Ahly. These are rumors whose goal is to shake the stability of the team.

Ali Abu Greisha added, "Baher Al-Muhammadi is close to returning to participate with the Ismaili after he recovered from the injury, and the team is stationed in his closed camp in Ismaili, and we do not think about the transfer of players now."

"We are going through a difficult period and the public supports us to get out of it and we suffered many injuries, but the players are in the recovery phase and returning to the team, and the suspension period has benefited the dervishes," the head of the technical committee in Ismaili added.

Ali Abu Grisha added, "I went to Al-Ahly and Zamalek to contract with the players and the two clubs they welcomed, but the players' desire was the decisive factor in that to the point that Mahmoud Al-Khatib, Al-Ahly president, called on his players to join Ismaili, the third leg of Egyptian football, and the most important tributary of the Egyptian national team for many years, including Ahmed Hegazy, Amr Al-Soleya and Baher Al-Mohammadi." Abdullah Al-Saeed and Ahmed Fathi were mainly cubs in the Ismaili community. "