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A quarter-century-old pool of water attracts more than 14,000 followers through an Instagram account, photos

A giant pool in the city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, in the far east of Russia, is described as "invincible", after all attempts to fix it failed for more than a quarter of a century, prompting a resident on the street where she is located to create an account of her own through the "Instagram" site, which succeeded In the collection of more than 14 thousand followers.

The pond began with a small pothole in 1994, and then began to grow, amid many attempts by residents and local authorities to fix it since that time, all of which failed, as the scheduled repairs were repeatedly postponed, according to the Audi Central website.

One of the residents, frustrated by the repair of the pool, claims "Nikolai", saw that the 25-year-old pit was large enough to have an Instagram page of her own, and he actually created the page for her last September, and it attracted thousands of followers in a short time.

Al Baraka’s account is filled with lots of innovative satirical posts talking on Al Baraka’s tongue, prompting local authorities to try to act to fix it, and the first post says: “Hello everyone! I am Al Baraka near Tikhookeanskaya Street 10 .. I have just turned twenty-five years old, it's time. Time to conquer Instagram like a grown-up, ”plus a series of fun posts that will spark the interest of the social network.

In just four days since its inception, the famous Al-Baraka page has received more than 3,000 visitors, and about a week later, it has garnered massive attention online.

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