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What are the causes of ocular menstruation? ... Learn about Haemolacria

Bloody tears are a condition that causes the eye to shed tears that are partly mixed with blood, and this disease affects females more, and through the report we reveal the case of hemolacria, and the causes of ocular menstruation, according to the report of the "onlymyhealth site" and there are many rare cases in this context, and the case is represented in Crying red tears of blood. The blood comes after a wound or injury that causes discomfort.

Ocular menstruation

It is periodic bleeding in the non-genital parts during periods, this can make a woman bleed from the eyes, lips and nose, while nosebleeds are very common, blood tears from the eyes are rare, and this woman's condition is not the first, there are many cases that she suffered In which women during their menstruation period of bloody tears.

What is hemolacria?

There is another medical condition called hemolacria that causes bloody tears, regardless of gender or health status.

Causes of ocular menstruation:

The main cause of this condition is the permeability of the blood vessels, and hormonal changes during periods affect this which leads to bleeding from the eye, according to the study by the British Medical Journal, “Fluctuating menstruation is a result of the vascular response to hormones in the presence or absence of endometrial tissue. .

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