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Vaccine-synthesized antibodies are less effective with novel coronavirus strains

A research study published recently in the scientific journal Cell revealed that the antibodies that the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines create were significantly less effective against the new variants of the Corona virus that were first described in Brazil and South Africa, as with the mutation of the Corona virus during the past periods, new types of the virus appeared Worldwide, including variants that may possess an increased ability to spread or evade the immune system.

These variables were identified in California, Denmark, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Brazil and Japan, and an understanding of the success of Corona vaccines against these variables is vital in efforts to stop the global epidemic, and it is the subject of new research from the Ragon Institute, Harvard Hospital and Massachusetts General in America.

The team used its experience measuring HIV-equivalent antibodies to create similar tests for Coronavirus, to compare how well the antibodies work against the original strain versus the new variants.

An assistant professor at Harvard Medical School said: "When we tested these new strains against the antibodies caused by the vaccine, we found that the three new strains that were first described in South Africa were 20-40 times more resistant to neutralization, and that the two strains that were first described were 20-40 times." Once in Brazil and Japan, it was 5 to 7 times more resistant, compared to the original Corona virus.

All currently approved Corona vaccines work by teaching the body to produce an immune response, including antibodies, against the Corona virus, while the ability of these variants to resist equivalent antibodies is of concern, this does not mean that the vaccines will not be effective.

The research team explained: "Our findings do not necessarily mean that vaccines will not prevent the Corona virus, but only the antibody part of the immune response may have a problem in identifying some of these new variants."

And like all viruses, the Corona virus is expected to continue to mutate as it spreads, so understanding the mutations that are likely to allow the virus to evade vaccine-derived immunity can help researchers develop next-generation vaccines that can provide protection against new variants.

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