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The World Bank pledges $ 60 million to Afghanistan to boost the Corona vaccination program

Today, Friday, the World Bank announced a pledge to grant $ 60 million in aid to the Afghan government as part of its national program that aims to purchase and distribute safe vaccines for vaccination against the emerging corona virus (Covid-19).

According to the statement - according to the Afghan TV channel (Tala`) - that the financial aid package will provide vaccinations for more than 17% of Afghan citizens, in addition to improving basic health services and helping Afghanistan recover from the pandemic. The World Bank is working closely with the Afghan government and development partners to effectively combat the Coronavirus, improve detection tests and treatment methods, in addition to strengthening the country's health system.

The network indicated that Afghanistan has an agreement to vaccinate 20% of its population as part of the "Kovacs" program launched by the World Health Organization to combat Corona, as well as support provided by the Asian Development Bank, which pledged to purchase vaccinations sufficient for about 11% of Afghan citizens.

It is noteworthy that Afghanistan had already received 500 thousand doses of vaccines against the emerging corona virus from India and more than 49 thousand doses within the "Kovacs" program from the European Union.