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Symptoms of cataracts and causes of injury .. Aging and smoking are the most prominent factors

Cataract is one of the most prominent eye diseases that affect some, and it causes a painless clouding of the inner lens of the eye, since it prevents light from passing through the lens, which affects the degree of clarity of vision and can progress to cause blindness over time.

According to a report published on Medicinen, when light enters the eye and passes through the lens, it affects the retina, which transmits visual signals through the optic nerve to your brain, and this is where clouding of the lens occurs.

The report attributed the causes of cataracts to several causes, the most important of which are aging, which is at the forefront of the causes of infection, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, diabetes, and exposure to the sun.

The symptoms of cataracts vary, but the most common is seeing blurry pictures from any distance, as the cataract worsens over time, and less light reaches the retina, making it difficult for the injured to see and drive at night.

Light sensitivity is another symptom of a cataract. It may be difficult for a person with cataracts to see in bright sunlight, in addition to double vision when looking with one eye is also a symptom.

Cataracts can be diagnosed by an eye exam, a vision test and an examination of your eyes using a slit lamp microscope, where the pupils of the eye are dilated using special eye drops to provide a better view of the back of your eye and confirm whether or not the injury is.