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Management and administration Installing 2819 employees and implementing the assignment decisions for 2,148 others

A report issued by the Central Agency for Organization and Administration, headed by Dr. Saleh Al-Sheikh, revealed the total number of employees who were installed during the month of February in the state administration in accordance with the legal controls contained in the Civil Service Law 81 of 2016 and its executive regulations, as the total number of employees who were installed reached 2819 employees .

The report indicated that the agency completed the reappointment and settlement of 1129 employees from various units of the state’s administrative apparatus who obtained higher qualifications during their service in accordance with the legal controls of the Civil Service Law.

The report added that it was approved to implement assignment decisions for 2,148 medical professionals with some administrative authorities.

Dr. Saleh Al-Sheikh, head of the Central Agency for Organization and Administration, reviewed before the House of Representatives the steps of administrative reform, including the issuance of Law No. 81 of 2016 issuing the Civil Service Law, which aims to fill public jobs on the basis of competence and merit, and to propose some solutions that resulted in legislative amendments to bypass Some of the problems related to job settlements regarding the employee's entitlement to obtain the higher wage instead of the level wage equal to it, and the aim of reaching an efficient and effective administrative apparatus that applies the standards of governance and provides high-quality services, and obtains the satisfaction of the citizens.

Al-Sheikh pointed out to modernizing the organizational structures to simplify the state's administrative structure to eliminate the problem of the complexity of the organizational structure, duplication and conflict of tasks, and to follow an advanced performance evaluation system that keeps pace with global changes, and to organize the contracting process so that it is only done through the Central Agency for Organization and Management while preserving the contract assets.

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