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How does the film industry rise? The Ministry of Planning is presenting a "hackathon" to develop the seventh art

The National Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development, the training arm of the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development, has announced the opening of the Film Industry and Technology Hackathon, the first of the activities of the Sustainable Innovation Lab project, which is the first of its kind in the Middle East and Africa, and is represented in the cinema and technology industry affiliated with the Creative Economy Laboratory.


Q: What is the purpose of the hackathon?

It aims to work to support and develop innovations that come within the framework of achieving the sustainable development goals.


The hackathon also aims to contribute to raising the efficiency of young entrepreneurs interested in the film industry and technology and to support their projects, in order to advance the film industry, which is one of the most important Egyptian creative industries.

Q - When does the application process open?

C- The application for the film industry and technology hackathon, the first event of the Sustainable Innovation Lab project, has been opened. This will start from March 28 for a period of 10 days in cooperation with the Business Incubator of the Faculty of Economics and Political Science at Cairo University, the United Nations Development Program, Jimnay Africa, and the Egyptian Exporters Association.

Q-What is included in the hackathon?

C- It includes four laboratories: Green Economy, Digital Transformation, Creative Economy and Government Innovations.

Q - Who are the participants?

C-The participants shall be students and graduates of film institutes, the Academy of Arts, and faculties of engineering, departments of architecture and computer engineering, in addition to the faculties of fine and applied arts, and that the age of the participant ranges from 20 to 35 years, provided that he has practical / or academic experience in the field Film industry, production and technology, also may be presented as a team.

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