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Details of implementing 5800 housing units in social housing and "housing all Egyptians" in Sadat

The New Urban Communities Authority announced that projects will soon be completed in Sadat City.


The authority is implementing 1740 housing units in the social housing project in Al-Firdous district, within the fourth phase of the social housing project, where the finishing works for the units, site coordination and agricultural works have been completed, in addition to connecting the buildings with water, sewage and electricity facilities, so that the units are ready for delivery, in addition to 4,060 units. Residential areas in Al-Nour neighborhood, part of which is within the fourth phase of the social housing project, and the other part is within the units of the presidential initiative "housing all Egyptians", where the services buildings that are being implemented in the neighborhood were inspected and include "a basic education school, a health unit, a commercial market, a triple playground, a building." A nursery, with completion rates of about 85%, and praised the self-implemented landscaping works in the neighborhood.


The mechanical treatment plant is subject to implementation, in which the completion rate of the first phase reached 95% at an investment cost of 223 million pounds with a production capacity of 40 thousand m3 / day, and its partial operation will be done as soon as possible.


The station is part of the city's sanitation development system, by separating industrial and human drainage and treating human drainage through the mechanical treatment plant to use treated water in irrigation of tree forests and green areas in the city.