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$ 100 million in financing from the World Bank to Tunisia for the Corona vaccination campaign

Today, Wednesday, Tunisian Minister of Economy, Finance and Investment Support, Ali Al-Kali, and Director of the World Bank's office in Tunisia, Tony Verheigen, in the presence of Minister of Health Fawzi Mahdi, signed a financing agreement between Tunisia and the World Bank worth $ 100 million, on soft terms, in favor of the vaccination campaign against Covid-19.

The interest rate of financing - according to the statement of the Ministry of Development, Investment and International Cooperation - is 0.43%, and the repayment period is approximately 18.5 years, of which 5 years are a grace period, as the funding is allocated for the benefit of the Covid-19 vaccination program, in addition to supporting the cold chain and logistical needs. With strengthening the capacities of the Ministry of Health's interests to carry out the vaccination campaign in the best circumstances.

Al-Kali expressed his appreciation for this valuable contribution from the World Bank so that the Tunisian government can provide an important part of its needs for vaccinations and the necessary logistical supplies, stressing the strength of the existing cooperation between the two sides, which makes the World Bank one of Tunisia's most prominent financial partners in its development path.

The Tunisian Economy Minister reiterated his keenness to continue this constructive partnership, in a way that would help Tunisia implement its reform programs and achieve the desired economic recovery.

For his part, Verheugen stressed the World Bank's readiness to continue standing by Tunisia and providing the necessary support to confront the existing difficulties and the repercussions of the global health crisis, indicating that the funding that was signed will contribute to supporting Tunisia's capabilities to implement the vaccination campaign against the epidemic, in a way that helps it restore Coordination of normal work, and the promotion of economic activity in the country.

In his turn, Al-Mahdi stressed the importance of the vaccination campaign and the need to intensify it on the largest scale, as it would help restore activities in various fields and provide the appropriate conditions and climates to revitalize the economic movement.

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