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Walid Salah Abdel Latif: Abu Jabal asked for equality with Awad ... and the soul is the secret of Zamalek's vibration

Walid Salah Abdel Latif, the former star of Zamalek, commented on the dispute over the goalkeeper's position in white, stressing that no player has the right to refuse to sit on the substitutes bench for his teammate, indicating that from the beginning it was necessary to stand firm with the overturns.

Walid Salah Abdel Latif said in televised statements that Mohamed Awad gets 16 million pounds per season, stressing that Mohamed Abu Jabal asked Zamalek officials to get the same salary. "Psychology will have a negative impact on the entire team."

Walid Salah Abdel Latif confirmed that Zamalek suffered from fatigue in the Senegalese Tongith match in the second round of the group stage in the African Champions League, which ended in a goalless draw, pointing out that the shortage of wings had a negative impact on the team significantly.

And he continued: "Ahmed Aboul Fotouh should have completed the match to its end and Abdullah Jumaa was involved in the wing center, and the participation of Hussam Ashraf was a question mark, especially that he did not participate in the league championship from the ground up, and it was more appropriate to push Imam Ashour early."

Abdel-Latif told Saif Al-Jaziri, saying: "There is no harm in the capabilities of the Tunisian, Saif El-Din Jaziri, and it was better to sign a player who benefited from him locally and Africa. We must give Marwan Hamdi the opportunity and patience."

He continued: "Pacheco and Musimani are responsible for the results of Al-Ahly and Zamalek, the last in the second round of the African Champions League, and Pizzo was very scared in the Simba Tanzanian match and was overly concerned about Zamalek before the match against Esperance, due to the difficulty of the meeting."