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The general index of the Saudi stock market, at the end, fell by 0.39%

The general index of the Saudi stock market "TASI", at the end of the trading session on Wednesday, decreased by 0.39%, losing 35.95 points to close at 9115.76 points, and the parallel market index - growth by 2.88%, losing 785.94 points to close at 26535.91 points, and the trading volume reached 545.9 One million shares worth 16.8 billion riyals.


19 sectors fell on the Saudi Stock Exchange, led by applications and technology services by 7.63%, followed by the long-term goods sector by 3.27%, followed by the capital goods sector by 3.27%, then the media and entertainment sector by 3.22%, then the food production sector by 2.30%, then the sector. Insurance by 2.11%, then the consumer services sector by 2.03%, then the transport sector by 1.81%, then the pharmaceutical sector by 1.80%, then the telecommunications sector by 1.62%, then the commercial and professional services sector by 1.57%, then the food retail sector by 1.55% , While the banking, investment and finance sectors increased by 0.72% and 0.14%, respectively.


28 shares jumped during today's trading session, led by "Atheeb Telecom" by 9.84%, then by "Al-Bilad" by 9.42%, then by "Sasco" by 7.86%, and 165 shares fell, on top of which is the "Arab Sea" by 10%, Then the "Al-Jouf" share by 9.93%, then the "Glass" share by 9.91%, while the "Refineries" share topped the list of the most active by value, amounting to 793.9 million Saudi riyals.


In a related context, Solidarity Saudi Takaful Company announced that the creditors 'objection has expired by the end of Thursday, February 26, and under the Companies Law, the merger decision will be effective immediately after the creditors' objection period has expired, in the event that there is no existing objection from Solidarity Saudi Takaful's creditors to The merger deal.


In another context, the Saudi British Bank announced the annual financial results ending on December 31, 2020, and the bank achieved total special commission income 7.8 billion riyals in 2020 compared to 8.7 billion riyals in 2019, a decrease of 10.658%, and the company turned to losses of 4.2 billion riyals against net profits 2.7 billion riyals.

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