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The cancellation of the Rio de Janeiro Festival results in tourism losses of $ 51 million

Argentine newspaper "Clarin" said that the celebration of the Rio de Janeiro Festival has been suspended due to the spread of the Corona virus, which is considered a major blow to the tourism sector in the country.

The newspaper pointed out that the streets of Rio de Janeiro are empty, and there are few tourists, although it is usual that this period between February 12 and 17 the city was crowded, and with the cancellation of this event, the joy of Brazilians turned into silence and deep sadness.

Traders ’losses this year are estimated to be $ 50.9 million in 2020, 2.1 million tourists - of whom about 500,000 are foreigners - left, a record for the“ wonderful city ”that in recent years has led to an increase in visitors.

Before the carnival could be canceled, the Brazilian authorities proposed to postpone it until July, but the office of the Mayor of Rio de Janeiro decided to cancel it permanently due to logistical difficulties to organize it.

The newspaper indicated that the decision was taken to avoid crowding and prevent the spread of Corona virus among the population. Currently, Brazil is close to 10 million infected, and more than 234 thousand deaths in the battle against Covid-19.

A severe blow to the economy of Rio de Janeiro

On January 21, the Mayor of Rio de Janeiro announced that the city was giving up celebrating this year's famous carnival, due to the sharp rise in cases of COVID-19.

"I have never hidden my passion for Carnival and I know the economic importance of this cultural event for our city. However, it seems to me silly to imagine at this moment that we can organize the carnival in July," Mayor Edward Bayes said on his Twitter account.

He added, "In 2022 we will be able (all duly vaccinated) to celebrate life and our culture with all the strength it deserves."

Pais also said that the government will provide assistance to Brazilians who work throughout the year to organize the giant party. The downturn to the city's economy is being felt by everyone, from street vendors to hotels that have seen occupancy drop by more than 50%.

Craftsmen, designers, carpenters, welders, seamstresses and mechanics also feel the blow and everyone who gives life to the Carnival. They were joined by countless musicians and dancers, as well as merchants who imported jewelry, costumes, and paraphernalia for the event.

On the other hand, the event's cancellation did not prevent people from organizing secret parties that charge fees of up to $ 40 via the Internet and social networks.

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