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Poll: Half of Americans are satisfied with Biden's performance in the presidency

 An opinion poll revealed that nearly half of Americans are satisfied with the performance of US President Joe Biden at the start of his presidency.

 The results of the poll, conducted by "Quinnipiac" University of America, showed that the rate of public satisfaction with Biden's performance of his job tasks exceeded half of the Americans surveyed.

On the other hand, White House spokeswoman Gene Saki said that US President Joe Biden had held talks with a number of House and Senate members from the Democratic Party; On the economic relief package Biden proposed to both houses.

 Saki added - in a press conference at the White House - that there is an agreement between the two parties on the need to move to provide aid to the middle and working classes in American society, and the need to provide more resources to provide vaccines to Americans.

She explained that the president and members of both houses agree on the necessity of taking responsibility to face the challenges and accomplish what is possible to defeat the Coronavirus pandemic and protect the US economy from long-term damage.

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