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Mufti of Lebanon: Every attack on Saudi Arabia is an attack on Beirut

Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon Walid Bukhari confirmed today, Wednesday, that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will not abandon the Lebanese people, and will remain supportive of them and their institutions, expressing his hope, following his visit to the Mufti of the Lebanese Republic, Abdul Latif Darian, that Lebanon will overcome its crisis as soon as possible, and that its affairs and affairs will stabilize.

According to Russia Today, the Mufti of the Lebanese Republic expressed his thanks to the Saudi ambassador for the assistance provided by the Kingdom to the Lebanese people, stressing the importance of the strong relations that bind the two countries, condemning the repeated aggression on Saudi territory.

The Mufti of the Lebanese Republic affirmed that every attack on Saudi Arabia is an attack on Lebanon and the Arab countries, explaining that the criminal acts committed by the armed Houthi groups against Saudi Arabia are condemned and must be put to an end in order to restore security and stability to the Arab Gulf in general and Yemen in particular.

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