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Khaled Refaat reveals the fact that he was referred to the investigation because of Zamalek's clothes

Khaled Refaat, Director of Marketing at Zamalek Club, revealed the fact that he was referred to the investigation; Because of the clothing crisis of the first football team, before facing MCA in the match that brought them together at the Cairo International Stadium, within the competitions of the first round of the African Champions League groups, which ended in a negative tie between the two teams.


Khaled Refaat said, through his personal Facebook account: “I thank you for the good news of the investigation, but it is possible for the needs of the official agent of the clothing company in Egypt and attached to the decision of the Council to purchase a copy of the official power of attorney document from Germany for its agent in Egypt. The supply is from the stores of that international company, and official invoices have been submitted from them in Egypt, but it is possible for the needs on it to have a new logo, as people did not know it.


He added: "I just would like to clarify an important need. I do not know anything about this issue of the investigation, and I do not think it was correct, but I wanted to respond in order to clarify the correct procedures that were done as a right to me and to the president of the club whose name is mentioned in the news, with an apology to me who leaked or Pamper the news. "


On the other hand, Issam Salem, the official spokesperson for the Zamalek Club, confirmed that the committee in charge of managing the White Castle has received many CVs of those wishing to work in the position of Executive Director of Zamalek, after Ahmed Zakaria resigned from his position, pointing out that the committee closed the door to receive CVs Currently.

Salem added, during his statements to "The Seventh Day," that there is a large number of people who have applied to fill the position of Executive Director of Zamalek, and it is expected that the committee will start sorting these CVs to find out the best of them according to the conditions.

The spokesperson for Zamalek Club indicated that the committee will hold sessions with all applicants for the position, and based on that interview, the person who will take over the task will be determined, pointing out that he is not necessarily a person known or famous to everyone, but the most important thing is to play his role fully.

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