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Iran's Foreign Ministry: The Biden administration has not abandoned the policy of maximum pressure initiated by Trump

The Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs officially announced its rejection of a European proposal to hold an informal meeting with 4 + 1 countries with the participation of the United States, explaining that based on recent positions and the actions of the United States and European countries, Tehran considers the time is not appropriate to hold the informal meeting proposed by the European foreign policy coordinator Joseph Borel.

According to Russia Today, the Iranian Foreign Ministry confirmed that there has been no change in the positions and behavior of the United States and the administration of US President Joe Biden has not abandoned the policy of maximum pressure initiated by Trump, explaining that the Joe Biden administration has not announced its commitment to implement all its obligations in the nuclear agreement and the decision. 2231.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry pointed out that the implementation of obligations by all parties to the nuclear agreement is not a matter that needs negotiation and bargaining, and that all negotiations took place five years ago, stressing that the path to the nuclear agreement is very clear and passes through the United States canceling its illegal and unilateral sanctions and returning to Its obligations, indicating in the context that the way back to the nuclear agreement does not require negotiations or a decision from the Board of Governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

The Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs affirmed that Iran will respond to actions with deeds and respond in proportion to the lifting of sanctions, explaining that Tehran will return to abide by its commitment in the nuclear agreement in the event that sanctions are lifted, stressing that Iran will continue its close consultations with the current member states of the nuclear agreement, as well as with Mr. Joseph. Borrell as coordinator of the joint committee in the agreement, either bilaterally or multilaterally.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry also announced that Tehran would respond to hostile actions and behaviors by Washington in the same manner and manner.

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