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Gold prices and currencies in Saudi Arabia today, Friday 19-2-2021

The rates of Arab and foreign currencies in Saudi Arabia stabilized today, Friday 2/19-2021, against the Saudi riyal, including the price of the US dollar, the Egyptian pound, the euro, the Japanese yen and the Emirati dirham against the riyal, to settle 1 US dollar at 3.75 Saudi riyals and 1 Saudi riyal 0.27 US dollars , And 1 Euro = 4.55 Saudi riyals.

Globally, the US dollar stopped today, Friday, to take a breath after recording the largest loss in ten days, as the US labor market data, disappointing expectations, negatively affected optimism about a rapid recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.

The currency rates today in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are as follows:


United States dollar (USD)


1 US dollar = 3.75 Saudi riyals.

1 Saudi riyal = 0.27 US dollars.

Euro (EUR)


1 Euro = 4.55 Saudi riyals.

1 Saudi riyal = 0.22 euros.

Japanese Yen (JPY)


1 Japanese yen = 0.04 Saudi riyals.

1 Saudi riyal = 27.98 Japanese Yen.

Egyptian Pound (EGP)


1 Egyptian pound = 0.24 Saudi riyals.

1 Saudi riyal = 4.16 Egyptian pounds.

United Arab Emirates dirham (AED)


1 United Arab Emirates dirham = 1.02 Saudi riyals.

1 Saudi riyal = 0.98 United Arab Emirates dirham.

Gold prices decreased in Saudi Arabia, where the price of gold "24 karat" was recorded in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at 213.31 Saudi riyals, compared to yesterday's price of 215.29 riyals.

 And gold fell in immediate transactions 0.2 percent to 1771.16 dollars an ounce, after touching its lowest level since the second of July to 1759.29 dollars earlier in the session. Prices have fallen 2.9 percent since the beginning of this week.

The gold prices today in the financial markets in Saudi Arabia came in Saudi riyals as follows:


The price of gold is 24 carat


About 213.31 riyals, equivalent to $ 56.87

The price of gold is 22 carat


About 195.54 riyals, equivalent to $ 52.14

The price of gold is 21 carat


At about 186.65 riyals, equivalent to $ 49.77

The price of 18 carat gold


About 159.99 riyals, equivalent to $ 42.66

The price of gold is 14 carat


At about 124.43 riyals, equivalent to $ 33.18

The price of gold is 12 carat


About 109.66 riyals, equivalent to $ 28.44

The price of an ounce of gold


About 6,634 riyals, equivalent to $ 1,769

The price of the gold pound


About 1,493 riyals, equivalent to $ 398.13

The price of a kilo of gold


About 213,314 riyals, equivalent to $ 56,875

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