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Gastrointestinal cancers .. Learn about the causes, symptoms and methods of diagnosis

Gastrointestinal cancers arise either in the stomach, the small or large intestine, the liver, or the pancreas. There are no signs or symptoms of cancer, often similar to other non-cancerous diseases that may affect the digestive system, and many risk factors depend on the site that the cancer has afflicted. Digestive system cancers are mostly after the age of fifty, and the "onlymyhealth" site monitors the most important causes of gastrointestinal cancer, symptoms and methods of diagnosis.

Possible causes of gastrointestinal cancers:

1- Follow a high-calorie diet.

2- Smoking.

3- Excessive alcohol intake.

4- A sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical activity.

5- Viral infections such as hepatitis C and B and gallstones.

6- Genetic factor.

7- Excessive salt intake increases the chances of stomach cancer, especially in people who smoke or drink alcohol.

Symptoms of gastrointestinal cancer

1- The appearance of blood in the stool.

2- Unexplained weight loss.

3- Anemia.

4- Frequent vomiting.

5- Difficulty swallowing and painless jaundice

6- A tumor in the abdomen

Diagnosis of gastrointestinal cancer

Once a gastrointestinal cancer is suspected in the event that all or some of the previous symptoms appear, it is necessary to conduct tests to confirm the diagnosis and know the stage that the disease has reached in order to undergo the appropriate treatment.

1- Undergo endoscopy and colonoscopy using ultrasound, abdominal tomography, magnetic resonance imaging and tomography.

2- Colonoscopy

Its procedure requires medical intervention to go to one of the centers or hospitals. It cannot be performed through a routine examination at the doctor, because it allows early detection of cancer, especially the gallbladder, through tissue testing.

3- Biopsy

By taking a sample from a small portion of the tumor and examining it with a microscope.

4- Endoscopy

To detect colon cancer, by inserting a thin, flexible tube that holds a camera to transfer the image from the inside.

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