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Free registration for Indian Corona vaccines and vaccination for 150 rupees

The Federal Government of India announced that the Co-WIN application will be opened for registration tomorrow, March 1, for those wishing to receive the vaccine against the Corona virus, according to what was published on thehealthsite.

An official from the Federal Ministry of Health stated that elderly people and those over the age of 45 years with chronic diseases will be allowed to self-register via the portal or application tomorrow, Monday, only, expecting that the first day of the third phase of registering the Coronavirus vaccine exceeds all expectations.

This application is an online platform to monitor the delivery of the Coronavirus vaccine in India to the next stage, people over the age of 60 years and over the age of 45 years and those suffering from chronic diseases are the most vulnerable to vaccination.

And the Co-WIN app gives the freedom to book an appointment based on vaccination centers declared by Indian states - with location and dates on which appointment slots are provided. The government has updated the app, which was used in the first two phases of vaccination used to immunize healthcare workers and frontline workers. However, officials are still working on the slots and the availability of centers has yet to be determined.

What is the change for the Coronavirus vaccine?

According to media reports, the vaccination will not be offered free of charge in government health facilities, while the people who will be vaccinated will be on a payment basis in private health facilities, the vaccinations in private hospitals are priced at 150 rupees, and there will be an additional fee of 100 rupees.

And the central government has determined that people on the priority list will be vaccinated in the third phase of the Coronavirus vaccine, states can use approximately 10,000 hospitals established under Ayushman Bharat-PMJAY and 687 hospitals under the CGHS as Covid vaccination centers (CVCs).

What is Co-Win app

Corona virus vaccine user?

 This application helps to identify target groups and track those who will be given corona doses, as the updated version of the Co-WIN application, called Co-Win 2.0, contains some advanced features, including: an entry requirement to register yourself in the vaccination, and you will be able to select Four appointments from one mobile phone, and you will be able to determine the date and vaccination center.

How to sign up for Co-Win 2.0


Although the steps are simple to register for Co-WIN 2.0, keep in mind that priority groups will be given first priority, for registration: first visit the official website of Co-WIN and enter your details according to the portal, once the registration is complete, the location details will be sent And when you will receive the dose.

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