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Ahmed Megahed: There is no VAR technology in the Egyptian League

Ahmed Mujahid, head of the tripartite committee for managing the Football Association, said that what is currently applied in the Egyptian league is not the video technology known in the world leagues, adding: “No one was intending to cancel the VAR technique. What happened was that when we arrived at the Football Association, an individual came to us demanding a large sum as a representative. On the authority of the Egyptian company with the foreign company responsible for the presence of the technology in Egypt. We asked them for the contract, so they said that the contracts were not signed, but those who preceded us actually paid them.

Mujahid added: "We asked to sign contracts first before paying, but what is in the contracts is contrary to what is on the ground, and the goal line technology and offside control do not exist, and many other problems, and they pledged to provide all of that after signing the contracts, and we decided to arrange alternatives and address the clubs to complete The competition is in the current situation, as if the referee goes out to watch the replay and not VAR like the one in the rest of the world leagues.

Ahmed Mujahid explained, during televised statements that the tripartite committee did not issue a decision to cancel the united football, explaining that he does not know the source of this false information, and that the league logo has no official document for its design, which is a matter that belongs to the Clubs Association in the first place, and pointed out that the current season will end Next September 30, maximum.

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