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A Tunisian MP accuses Ghannouchi of trying to adapt the constitution according to his own interests

Al-Arabiya TV reported, in urgent news to it a short while ago, that a Tunisian lawmaker accuses Ghannouchi of trying to bend the constitution according to his own interests.

Earlier, Tunisian MP Abeer Moussa, head of the Free Constitutional Party in Tunisia, confirmed that Tunisia is experiencing a constitutional crisis and a struggle between the three presidencies, stating that changing the Tunisian constitution is an absolute necessity.

The Tunisian MP said, during her statements to Al Arabiya TV, that the system of government defined by the Tunisian constitution has caused a major crisis, continuing: We are pressing to prevent Rached Ghannouchi from imposing his political agenda.

And Abeer Moussa added: The Tunisian people want to change the constitution, explaining that Tunisian civil forces must unite to confront the Renaissance and change the constitution.

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