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4 security officials dismissed at the level of Algiers after the "Sonatrach" events

Algerian Director-General of Security, Khalifa Onisi, decided to dismiss 4 security officials at the level of Algiers, in connection with the storming of the headquarters of the General Directorate of "Sonatrach" in Hydra 3 days ago.

According to Russia Today, the decision included the head of the security department of Bir Murad Rice, as well as the head of urban security for Hydra, considering that the riots that targeted the headquarters of "Sonatrach" took place in the jurisdiction of their interests, as well as the police information officer at the security level of Bir Murad Rice .

The dismissal decision included the head of the security department of Bab El-Wadi in the heart of the capital, whose duties were terminated, given that his interests had not reported that a group of supporters of the "Mouloudia Algeria" team threw stones at the company's headquarters.

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