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The Union of Arab Entrepreneurs allocates an annual award for the best scientific research specialized in entrepreneurship

Ahmed Ibrahim, President of the Federation of Arab Entrepreneurs, announced today, Thursday, that the Federation’s Board of Directors has allocated an annual award for distinguished scientific research, which is prepared according to the strategy of the Union and the Arab Universities Youth Forum, and in accordance with the research priorities approved under its annual plan, provided that a specialized scientific committee consisting of scholars University professors with the same specialization in the field of the award in scientific research evaluate the scientific research presented by the President of the Federation and the Secretary General of the Forum.


During its annual conference today, the Federation launched a workshop to define the basic system of the Arab Universities Youth Forum, and one of its most prominent objectives is to plan and support joint research projects between scientific and academic institutions at the level of Arab countries and to conduct their implementation, follow up on the progress of joint scientific research, and support student activities in the field of leadership Business.


Ibrahim noted, during his speech at the annual conference of the Federation of Arab Entrepreneurs under the title "Challenges of joint Arab investment and penetration of African markets," that the Arab Universities Youth Forum aims to support scientific research in the field of entrepreneurship specializations and to support specialized scientific research in order to achieve scientific and entrepreneurial progress and educate youth. And promoting joint scientific research projects between scientific and academic institutions at the level of Arab countries, exchanging their recommendations and results, and linking scientific research topics in the field of the Arab Universities Youth Forum, especially the applied ones, with development and entrepreneurship plans, supporting the ideas, innovations and innovations of young people in Arab countries, in addition to holding scientific meetings and forums Specialized international periodically.


He explained that the union is preparing a detailed memorandum that includes the most important projects in support of the Egyptian economy, as well as the main challenges on the Arab investment table and Arab and African economic integration.


He added that the memorandum will include the union’s vision of developing exports and supporting the national economy, supporting small and medium enterprises, the future plan for their advancement and available investment opportunities, chiefly the sectors of industry, trade, transport and logistics, as well as the use of modern technology and digital transformation in the real estate development industry, ways to participate in the Egyptian business community, and the extent of The effect of this on encouraging the environment and the climate of Egyptian tourism.

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